School Bulding

Mrs Manoj Bal


A Note From Advisor :

 Welcome dear parents, teachers and most importantly students of SRGMSS. As we are nearing three decades of our school, I would like to welcome everyone back for a new and exciting academic year. 

With many activities and events planned, I am sure it will be a great year for all our students and teachers. We at Sumeet Rahul  School work hard to provide an all-round education for our students, while at the same time making them socially and environmentally aware citizens of our country. 

Within this context, we encourage our students to reach their academic potential, develop their gifts and talents, acquire self-discipline and leadership skills and become responsible guardians of our planet. 

We consider Sumeet Rahul to be a big family and have tried to make it an inclusive community where students have the right to be safe, valued, challenged and respected by all. We also believe that such respect carries mutual responsibility for others as part of our family. 

As for parents, they are equal partners with us in our endeavour to produce successful, responsible and confident citizens of the country. I would encourage parents to think about why some boys and girls repeatedly perform at their peak, while others of equal or superior  ability cannot ?

Though Genes count in determining performance, but they are not everything. The edge comes from mental attitude, character and strategy. And a few simple ways for parents as well as teachers to help their youngster develop those traits are :

Find something to praise, Teach, don’t blame, Assess  child’s strengths, Encourage self –applause, Teach  children to relax, Concentrate, Rehearse- mentally, Remind  children  of their successes, Set steps to a goal .

If the child misses one step, that doesn’t mean the goal is lost. One simply has to revert to step one and move forward again. We should be competing to better ourselves, and not against those around us. There are no shortcuts to bringing a child to do his or her best. Success has to be a gradual process of support, encouragement and hard work.

Be a Booster. Confidence comes from being told, “I know you can do it !” “You did it! Terrific!” Criticism should always be coupled with both praise and instructions. Let children focus on success not on failure.

I will leave you with a few words from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam - 

Listen to their dreams, Give them a Chance. Teach them the Basic three : Respect, Resourcefulness and responsibility. And above all instil the right values, respect for others and  above all taking responsibility.


Manoj Bal