Academic departments aim at improving students understanding of the nature of scientific knowledge. It provides a careful constructed, comprehensive program of courses, scheduled in a timely manner. To ensure students have proper and correct knowledge in various subjects that they learn in school.


The faculty in English Department enables the students to converse fluently and write correctly. It aims to enhance linguistic skills and creativity among the students, apart from the prescribed curriculum. The Department also creates interest in students to appreciate the work of different writers and poets.

COORDINATOR (6TH TO 12TH): Mrs Neelam Sharma

COORDINATOR (1ST TO 5TH): Mrs Samragyi Mittal


The Department of Hindi aims to instill the feeling of patriotism in students, as it is the official and national language of our country. It generates the feeling of brotherhood among the students. The objective of the faculty also focuses in building the knowledge of the language.

COORDINATOR (6TH TO 12TH): Mr Govind Sharma

COORDINATOR (1ST TO 5TH): Mrs Sumita Rana


One can never ignore the importance of Mathematics, as everything around us is number. The Department of Mathematics provides an effective way of building mental discipline, logical reasoning and mental rigor in students. They also make the student fearless and more subject friendly through their innovative and creative teaching techniques.

COORDINATOR (6TH TO 8TH ): Mrs Shailly Agarwal


The Department of Science allows students to explore their world and discover new things. It is also an active subject, containing activities such as hand- on labs and experiments. Our school has well equipped laboratories each for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

BIOLOGY is the Science of life. It offers students the opportunity to engage with the diversity of living organisms, and their local and wider environment. The dedicated faculty in SRGMSS enables the students to understand their own bodies and changes they experience. They provide students with vast resource of specimens and slides to explore and interact under their secure supervision.

CHEMISTRY department is fully equipped to meet the requirements of the classes. The Lab allows the students to conduct experiments independently, hence the students are able to gain hand-on experience and adequate exposure and solve specific problems in the use of chemicals.

PHYSICS department in our school is committed to impart quality education both in theoretical as well as experimental physics with special emphasis on ‘learning by doing’. The students not only grasp things better but also enjoy learning Physics under dynamic faculty.

BIOTECHNOLOGY the department is updated and technologically advanced, its laboratory is well-equipped.
COORDINATOR (6TH TO 12TH): Mrs Rakhi Chaudhary
COORDINATOR (1ST TO 5TH): Mrs Shikha Sharma


The Department of Social Science plays a vital role right from Kindergarten and into High school to help students understand their place in the world. The faculty of Social Science department aims at teaching the students their roles and responsibilities particularly in relation to social and civic affairs. They help in developing critical thinking abilities, prepare them to address societal and global concerns using, literature, technology and other resources.

COORDINATOR (6TH TO 10TH): Mrs Shalini Aswani

COORDINATOR (1ST TO 5TH): Mrs Anshu Goyal


The Department of Computer Science imparts quality and effective computer education to the students. They also focus on grooming them to be technologists, professionals and dedicated citizen. Our school provides a well-established, robust internet facility and has ______ number of computers for a smooth learning of the students.

COORDINATOR (6TH TO 12TH): Mr Rohit Singh and Mrs Pinki Gaur


The commerce faculty in our school prepares students for higher education in Commerce and Business Studies. It aims in providing contextually relevant commerce education. They also impart state of knowledge in subjects like marketing, human resource, entrepreneurship, accounting practices and also promote the use of IT as a tool for development. The Department comprises of various subjects like:

ACCOUNTANY department provides a great course to study for a number of reasons. Accounting provides you with number of skills and knowledge that can be applied to various numbers of industries. In fact, so long as business is in the world accountants will always be needed.

ECONOMICS department are instrumental in bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and real life economic situations. Their expert guidance in academics and activities of the Economics Society has enabled the students to make a mark in various competitive events.

BUSINESS STUDIES faculty focus on imparting new and practical perspective of the many subjects they have or will study. Studying business involves not only studying individual, communities, and organizations; it involves assessing their needs and problems, as well as generating solutions.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP the department aid students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to think outside the box and nurture unconventional talents and skills.

MARKETING department teaches the students the contribution of marketing to the business enterprise. They enable the students to understand the fundamental marketing concepts, theories and principles in areas of marketing.

COORDINATOR (11TH TO 12TH):Mr Rakesh Mahajan and Mr Navendu Saxena


The department of Physical Education helps relieve stress and anxiety. Through sports they teach students to improve self-disciplined. The students are able to implement self –control in all aspects of their lives.

COORDINATOR (6TH TO 12TH): Mrs Seema Chauhan


The faculty teaches students how to interpret, criticize and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it. It also provides learners with non-academic benefits such as promoting self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity, improved emotional expression, as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity.

COORDINATOR (6TH TO 12TH): Ms Rohina Sengar
COORDINATOR (1ST TO 5TH): Mrs Renuka Sharma and Mrs Madhulikha Asthana


Our school has a fully equipped music room with numerous musical instruments. The objective of teaching music to students is to facilitate and promote the overall development of the personality of the child, sensitise them towards the cultural diversity and rich heritage of the country and thus inculcate respect. The pride of our school is the school band.

COORDINATOR (1ST TO 5TH): Ms Anju Saxena


The faculty of dance department pivot in students to develop skills in performing and perceiving through dance. They train the students to express contrasting emotions through dance form.

COORDINATOR : Mr akash Parmar