Rangshila Club

“All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players.”

Rangshila Club was established on 10th April 2017 with the aim to bring out different human expressions and emotions in the students. Educating and the students in the art of acting builds up their self-confidence, imagination, empathy, concentration, communication skills, memory and social awareness. Theatre has an influential factor in many people’s lives. Students are acquainted with various forms of acting on stage.

Rangshila Club has staged the following events:
  • Rakshabandhan
  • Dusshera Celebration
  • Diwali Week
  • William Shakespeare’s Birthday
  • The Nativity Play
  • Mrs. Judith Reubal Massey
  • Mrs.ManjuVerma
  • Mr. Leslie Clarance
  • VanshikaGoyal
  • RichaYadav
Our Objectives:
  • To let students express their thoughts, emotions freely and develop their creativity.
  • Enhance the student’s personal, social, and emotional development.
  • To create empathy towards human emotions and to exhibit in an appropriate manner
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